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Honoring American Heroes, Past and Present

Law enforcement officers are people like you and me who want to make a difference. Serving the communities that we all share is just a part of what these humble heroes do. Standing up for those who can not stand up for themselves is just in their blood. Despite the dangers, they proudly put on their uniforms and badges every day, for us.National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day has become a day for us to unite as a community and to honor those who have given their lives to protect us, our families and our freedom. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy...
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Calling all Local Businesses

Small businesses are a major contributor to the strength of our local economy.  Literally, small businesses are the backbone of our local community and we appreciate your investment and hard work to make our community a great place to live and work.  According to the 2010 Census, 99.7% of U.S. employer firms are small businesses.  Almost half of the nation's private sector workforce is employed by small business,  there is nothing small about these facts. That is why we recognize all the small businesses in our community and...
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Crime's up in Orange County; what's to blame?

Crime rose 23 percent in Orange County last year – the greatest single-year jump in at least a decade – with the steepest increases coming in stolen vehicles, aggravated assaults, theft and burglaries, according to law enforcement records compiled by The Orange County Register.   Click here to read full story


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The State of Policing in America Reported by MSNBC

Most of us get up in the morning. go about our days and never think about our local law enforcement officers, unless we hear another negative story on the news.  There is a perception that there are a lot of bad cops out there.  However the reality is that 99.1% of Law Enforcement officers are NOT accused of any misconduct of any kind.    In 2015, 965 civilians were fatally shot by officers, this kind of situation gets the media’s attention, understandably. However, it is important to realize that the media is reporting on l...
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She’s back for a third time on Garden Grove PD’s motor team, and her heart is revving

The second time she rotated out of motors, she shed a few tears on the way home.If it had been up to her, Katherine Anderson never would have done anything else as a cop but ride a motorcycle.But rules are rules, and the Garden Grove PD rotates officers out of units (motors, narcs, etc.) every five years.Click here to read full article


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As Prop. 47 wreaks havoc on California, we must remain vigilant against future threats

If you want to know how the recent changes in California law affecting criminal law and sentencing is working-realignment, AB 109, Prop 47-ask a deputy sheriff who patrols the streets of the County of Los Angeles and its unincorporated cities. We interact with citizens and crooks every day and can tell you what has happened---crooks are emboldened, crime is up, and the number of victims is rising. Click here to read full article


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Garden Grove's weekend shooting the eighth this year, police say

Garden Grove police are investigating a gang-related shooting over the weekend, which they say is the eighth such incident this year.Officers were called at 8:16 p.m. Sunday to shooting at Belfast Street and Donegal Avenue, said Sgt. Phil Schmidt of the Garden Grove Police Department. Click here to read full article    


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Crime rose 33% in Costa Mesa in 2015, the city's biggest increase in years

Costa Mesa isn’t alone in its crime bump, though. All eight of Orange County’s cities with populations over 100,000 saw double-digit jumps in serious crime through the first half of 2015, according to FBI data.Some cities, such as Garden Grove, Orange, Irvine and Santa Ana, experienced increases comparable to Costa Mesa’s. Other large cities in the county, such as Anaheim, Huntington Beach and Fullerton, saw milder surges. FBI crime stats were available only for the first six months of 2015. Click here to read full article


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Garden Grove police seek info from public

GARDEN GROVE – Police issued an advisory Saturday that implored the public to aid in its investigation of a rash of gang shootings in the city.Since the year began, there have been six gang-related shootings on city streets, according to a Garden Grove Police Department news release. Click here to read full article


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Spate of gang-related shootings prompts Garden Grove PD to ask public for any info

A spate of gang-related shootings since the New Year has prompted the Garden Grove PD to ask for the public’s help for any information about six incidents that have left four male Hispanic gang members seriously wounded — two of them seriously. Click here to read full article


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